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A beautiful place to grow.

Immediate enrollment at Didi's Sunshine Daycare.

Giving Your Little Ones the Love and Care They Need

We know you have a lot of things you need to take care of—your job, some errands, and other important matters. But no matter how busy you are, we know you never forget about your little ones. If you need help in looking after your infants, Didi’s Sunshine Daycare is here to be your partner! We offer infant day care services to address all your family’s needs.

Immediate enrollment at Didi's Sunshine Daycare. Get in touch with us today so we can discuss further. We serve families in Pearland and other parts of Texas. 

Meet Didiere Emilia Thomas-Charles, the Owner

Meet the owner Mrs.Didiere Thomas-Charles, a mother and wife who understands that balancing work, life and parenthood is often difficult. Mrs. Charles has been working in childcare for many years. She started from the age of 15 and quickly became passionate in the early mental development of children.

From there she worked at many different centers in New York City and Texas. Recognizing the need for quality daycare, Mrs. Charles finally decided to open her very own Daycare/Learning center.

What We Strive to Do

Our main goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients and ensure their satisfaction. We’ll make this happen by creating a caring and loving environment for their infants. We’ll also provide the kind of care their parents would give them.

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